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  1. Advanced Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker

    Advanced Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker is designed to be used on loading docks, in stock rooms, and on manufacturing floors. It is highly appreciated for having the ability to withstand frequent stop & starts, impacts on outriggers, and direction changes. The frame of this stacker is designed using premium quality steel of heavy gauge having extra support at high stress points and great protection to internal components.
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  2. Advanced Counterbalance Reach Truck

    Advanced Counterbalance Reach Truck is used for easy lifting of boxes or cartons placed on the floor and load them at desired place. It is equipped with hydraulically operated handle based lifting system. Outriggers installed in this reach truck can be extended horizontally up to a specific distance from the vehicle to assure complete safety of the material. It is highly appreciated for durability, ability to hold up to 2 tons of weight, and travel speed of up to 6km/h.
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  3. Counterbalance Reach Truck

    Counterbalance Reach Truck is completely suitable for material handling in warehouses and shopping malls due to its maximum lift height & great maneuverability. It is equipped with user friendly controlling system and hydraulically operated lifting. This reach truck is comprised of outriggers which allow the carriage & forks to extend from vehicle in order to the reach the material to be moved.
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  4. 1 Ton Counter Balance Walkie Reach Truck

    1 Ton Counter Balance Walkie Reach Truck is most commonly used for material handling purpose in dock loading, warehouses, and large wholesale marts. It is designed having motor driven lifting system, operator’s platform for standing, and a user friendly control panel. This reach truck is known to have the ability extend its arms horizontally up to a specific distance for safe lifting of boxes. It has the ability to hold up to 1 ton of weight easily.
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  5. Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker

    Counterbalanced Walkie Stacker is used for lifting heavy pallets up to a specific height. It finds application in shopping malls, warehouses, logistics, packaging industry and for bulk handling in ports. Also known as pedestrian walk behind stacker, it can be availed in manually operating and electrically powered models. It is provided with two assembles at the front for holding goods boxes. This stacker is highly appreciated for having simple operation and brake function to stop lifting assembly at required height
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