Four Wheels Electric Forklift

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  1. Advanced Electric Forklift Truck (1.5Tons)

    Advanced Electric Forklift Truck (1.5Tons) is widely utilized in warehouses, dockyards, ports etc. for lifting & transporting heavy goods. It is operated by electrically powered engine and is comprised of control steering, driver seat & lifting controls. This truck is highly appreciated for having low noise operation, environment friendly nature and powerful traction batteries. It has the ability to lift weight up to 1.5 tons at the height of about 6.5 meters.
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  2. Advanced Electric Forklift Truck

    Advanced Electric Forklift Truck is made to be completely suitable for heavy duty material handling applications. It is designed having strong outriggers with side support to prevent any chances of falling of goods. Equipped with four sturdy rubber tires, this forklift truck is ideal to be used on uneven surfaces. It has steering based navigating and handle based lifting mechanism with side indicators & ample space for driver to sit comfortably.
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  3. Four Wheels Electric Forklift (1.5 Ton)

    Four Wheels Electric Forklift (1.5 Ton) is highly appreciated for its ability to hold weight up to 1500 kilograms with high ease and safety. It is extensively utilized in chemical & pharmaceutical industry and petroleum plants. This forklift is provided with electrically driven traction motor, steering system, and material handling assembly. It is greatly admired for the ability to hold drums of various sizes.
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  4. Four Wheels Electric Forklift

    Four Wheels Electric Forklift is widely utilized in warehouses, industries, bulk handling ports, shopping malls, and supermarkets. It is equipped with high quality traction motor which is powered electrically, material lifting assembly, steering type vehicle control, and lifting system. This forklift is utilized for moving and raising heavy goods within a specified area. It is also provided with a comfortable seat for the operator.
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  5. Roll Clamp

    Roll Clamp is a type of special stacker or forklift assembly which is required for holding and moving large rolls of fabric, plastic, metal, paper, and thermoplastic polymer. It is known to have the ability to hold extreme weight with delicacy and safety. It is designed as ‘C’ shaped assembly whose mouth expands & contracts as desired by the user. This clamp is made of high grade raw material and is provided with rubber made stoppers at the ends to prevent damage to the lifted products
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