Hand Stacker / Tray Truck / Pallet Truck

  1. Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks

    Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks are designed having ball bearing wheels, Ptfe coating on joints, and proportioned lowering valves to assure their silent operation and smooth movement. They find their use for material handling applications in industries and warehouses for storing purpose. These trucks are ideal to be used for short distance tasks and are known for their robustness, safe handling, and minimum operator’s fatigue.
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  2. Hand Pallet Truck

    Hand Pallet Truck is one of the most commonly used equipment in logistics, airports, dockyards, and railway stations. It is required for loading and unloading of heavy goods with ease and safety. This truck is designed having a simple structure with an operating handle and outriggers with strong wheels for carrying goods & its smooth movement. It is known to have comfortable driving nature with minimum operator fatigue.
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  3. Mini Hand Pallet Truck

    Mini Hand Pallet Truck is designed having a small flat platform, manual lifting shaft, moving wheels, and alloy metal made strong structural frame. It is required for stacking of goods in shopping malls, construction sector, and various factories. This manually operated pallet truck is highly appreciated for having the ability to lift heavy weight with ease and safety. It requires minimum starting force and has smooth lifting mechanism.
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  4. Manual Pallet Stacker

    Manual Pallet Stacker is one of the simplest material handling vehicles which is used in small factories, storage houses, and bulk handling ports. It is designed having alloy made structural frame with two direction controlling handles and a height adjusting rod. This manually operated stacker works on chain driven lifting principle with the ability create good amount of torque at relatively low speed.
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  5. Heavy Hand Pallet Truck

    Heavy Hand Pallet Truck is designed having a simple sturdy structure made of high grade alloy metal. It is widely utilized on railway stations, airports, dockyards, and bulk handling ports for moving heavy materials for loading and unloading purpose. This is a manually operated truck which is provided with long outriggers, a controlling handle, and fork wheels to assure its smooth movement. To provide it corrosion resistance, it is coated with premium quality metallic paint.
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