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  1. Electric Lift Platform

    Electric Lift Platform is used for raising goods up to a specific height for machine feeding, work & load positioning, and for docking operations. It is designed having a flat platform at the top with electrically operated hydraulic system with chrome plated piston rods. This platform works on scissors mechanism assuring seamless lifting & lowering. It is known to have the ability to hold up to 1000 kilograms of material with high ease.
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  2. Hydraulic Lift Tables

    Hydraulic Lift Tables are widely used in the industrial sector and processing plants for handling of raw materials. They work on scissors mechanism for raising large and heavy goods for very short distances. These tables are provided with four high quality wheels to assure their seamless movement. They operate on hydraulic principle by converting fluid energy into mechanical form, which results in their vertical movement.
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  3. Electric Lift Table

    Electric Lift Table is widely used for vehicle loading, load positioning for conveyor systems, docking operations and for machine feeding applications. It works on the principle of scissors mechanism in order to raise goods & persons as well. This table is powered by electrically operating battery to assure smooth and safe lifting. Complete structure of this table is made using premium quality metal alloy with a coating of metallic paint for to provide corrosion resistance.
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  4. Lift Table

    Lift Table is greatly admired for its ability to hold heavy goods with high ease and safety. It is operated by hydraulic system assuring its smooth lifting. This table is also provided with four wheels to transport heavy & delicate materials to the processing system. It is known to have simple operation, durability, and corrosion proof structure. The piston of this table is chrome plated to assure its excellent performance and reliability.
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