Oil Tank Equipment

  1. Manual Oil Tank Lift Truck

    Manual Oil Tank Lift Truck is made using high quality metal alloy assuring its sturdiness, durability, and high corrosion resistance. It is utilized in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paint, and chemical industries. This truck is used for moving cylindrical tanks or barrels to storage rooms or processing areas. It is also provided with four tiers to assure its smooth movement and an operating handle. This manually operated lift truck is known for its high load bearing capacity and low effort requirement for pushing it forward.
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  2. Manual Standard Oil Tank Rotating Stacker

    Manual Standard Oil Tank Rotating Stacker is designed having four wheels, barrel holding upper & lower clamps, control handles, and 360 degrees drum rotating wheel. It is used in various industries including food & beverage, petrochemical, paint, ink, and pharmaceutical. This stacker is used for lifting, moving, and emptying a barrel into the processing system. It is also ideal to be utilized for holding both metal & plastic containers with tight grip. 
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  3. Standard Oil Tank Truck

    Standard Oil Tank Truck is a very simple material handling trolley type manual vehicle. It is designed having a controlling handle, two tires at the front, and clamp for carrying the container. This truck is used for moving cylindrical barrels for short distances. It is widely used at the construction site, industries, and asphalt manufacturing plants. This truck is highly appreciated for its ability to hold up to 200 liters of fluid and is also provided with an upper clamp to assure container stability.
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  4. Oil Tank Holder

    Oil Tank Holder For Tanks finds its application in oil, chemical, paint, ink, and beverage processing industries. It is often utilized with a handling vehicle and is used for holding tanks safely for moving them over a short distance. This holder is designed having strong clamps that are applied to the top of barrel assuring secure & tight grip. It is fabricated using sturdy iron alloy with a coating of paint to give it high rust resistance.
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  5. Powered Lifting Standard Oil Tank Stacker

    Powered Lifting Standard Oil Tank Stacker is a battery operated material handling system which is required for lifting, moving, and emptying of raw material tanker. It is widely used in paint & ink processing, chemical, and beverage industries. This stacker is known to lift weight up to 3 tons with 45 degrees of drum rotation. Four sturdy wheels at the base assure its smooth transport even while holding heavy container.
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  6. Semi-electric Oil Tank Rotating Stacker

    Semi-electric Oil Tank Rotating Stacker is comprised of a drum holding assembly, four wheels for the movement, and a user friendly control panel. It is most commonly utilized in paint processing, brewing, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and ink manufacturing industries. This stacker is utilized for raising and emptying of drum into the processing system or bulk storing vessel. It is highly appreciated for reliability and durability.
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