Order Picker / Aerial Platform Truck

  1. Powered Order Picker Stacker

    Powered Order Picker Stacker is specially designed for handling large & small finished items and loading them for transporting purpose. It is made having an ergonomic structure with long outriggers for material handling and a vertically moving platform, which is provided for operator to stand and pick goods from different levels of storage racks. This stacker is operated by electrically driven hydraulic system to assure jerk free movement.
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  2. Series Vertical Lift

    Series Vertical Lift is widely utilized at construction sites, warehouses, and logistics for lifting materials and engineers as well for repairing purpose. It is operated on hydraulic system to assure its jerk free movement and reliability. This lift is known to have the ability to bear heavy weight up to 160 kilograms and reach up to a height of 15,000 mm. The structure of this lift is made of high grade galvanized iron assuring its durability and sturdiness.
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  3. Semi Powered Order Picker Stacker

    Semi Powered Order Picker Stacker is driven by electronic motor having lifting speed of 10 to 14 meter per minute. It is widely used in warehouses and wholesale stores for picking orders from the store rooms for transporting to the customer. This stacker is provided with two platforms, where one is for the operator to stand and other for keeping goods. It is known to have the load capacity of up to 200 kilograms.
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