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  1. Heavy Load Pallet Rack

    Heavy Load Pallet Rack is a material storing system which allows goods boxes be stored on skids in an organized manner. It can be constructed in bolt together & clip-in configurations as required according to the need of the user. Platforms in this rack can also be adjusted according to the height of materials with the help of bolt fixing. It is highly appreciated for the ability to bear great amount of weight and hold large number of boxes.
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  2. Heavy Duty Flow Racks

    Pallet Flow Rack is designed having elevated rails, conveyor system, and wheels or rollers within a rack structure. It is a type of high density storage system which works on the principle of FIFO i.e first in first out. This rack works by automatically pushing the material forward when the one at the front is removed. It is highly appreciated for the ability to provide large amount of space in a confined place.
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  3. Medium Duty Pallet Rack

    Medium Duty Pallet Rack is designed having high grade metallic cantilever made structural frame with thick & sturdy wooden sheets for platform. It is utilized in warehouses and garment, food, & plastic processing industries for bulk storage of finished materials. This rack is greatly admired for having the ability to store large amount of goods even in small places. It is coated with a layer of paint to enhance durability and rust proof nature.
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  4. Middle Heavy Flow Racks

    Middle Heavy Flow Racks are used for storing bulk items with first in first out (FIFO) principle. Also known as gravity flow, they are the type of dynamic storage system which finds its application in food & beverage, automobile, and pharmaceutical industries. These racks are highly appreciated for their ability to have great product handling efficiency and to make high density storage possible. They are comprised of rollers and brakes for controlling the speed of pallets to the bottom when a box at the front is unloaded.
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  5. Light Duty Storage Rack

    Light Duty Storage Rack is most commonly utilized in warehouses and industries for storing goods in bulk. It is made of high grade steel alloy to assure corrosion resistance, sturdy structure, and durable nature. This rack can be constructed having a number of parallelly placed platforms for the storage of large number of items. It is also coated with metallic paint which provides it beautiful appearance. This rack is known for its high load bearing capacity and low maintenance.
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  6. Steel Frame Rack

    Steel Frame Rack is one of the important assemblies a warehouse or storage rooms must have. It is required for placing material boxes, cartons, and stacks of individual goods in an organized manner. This rack is known to have high load bearing capacity, large space, and great resistance from deformity. It can be made having a number of levels as required according to the need and size of the area.
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  7. Push Back Rack

    Push Back Rack is a high density pallet storage system which allows material to be stored on both sides of an aisle. It works on the mechanism of pushing the pallet behind one position when loaded from the front. This rack is ideal to be used for warehouses and industries having low space. While unloading, when a box is removed from the front the one at its back automatically comes forward.
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  8. Cantilever Racking Systems

    Cantilever Racking Systems is a type of free standing storage system which finds application in automobile, prefabrication engineering, and metal parts fabricating industries. Materials in this rack are loaded in horizontal manner on its outward extending arms attached to from single vertical column. It is ideal for storing long pipes, lumber, furniture assembles, sheet metal, and scaffoldings. The cantilevers used in the rack construction are made of hot or cold rolled steel sections assuring rust proof nature and supreme strength.
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  9. Pallet Rack Platforms

    Pallet Rack Platforms are used for creating mezzanines within a racking system to assure proper use of storage space. They are fabricated using high grade iron or steel alloy to provide them supreme strength and high load bearing capacity. These platforms are required for storing large amount pallet goods in small space. They are easy to install and are known for their corrosion resistant structure & high cost effectiveness.
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