Semi-Powered Stacker / Tray Truck / Pallet Truck

  1. Powered Pallet Stacker

    Powered Pallet Stacker works on electrically driven motor with vertically moving outriggers required for lifting purpose. It is a user friendly material handling vehicle which is used for transferring boxes and cartons at short distances. This stacker is known for its ergonomic structure and heavy load bearing capacity. It is also provided with a foldable platform which is required for the operator to stand and control the vehicle.
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  2. Special Model Shaft Carrier

    Special Model Shaft Carrier is widely used in metal processing and prefabrication engineering. It is specially designed having four extended assemblies having a concave cut in each and are attached to a horizontal plate. This carrier is used for handling cylindrical shafts and pipes for various purpose. The working of this shaft carrier is based on manually propelled electrically powered hydraulic system. Lifting height and width of this shaft carrier can also be adjusted according to the need.
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