Storage and Transport Cage Metal Box Cages

  1. Color Managed Tool Box

    Color Managed Tool Box is designed having a flat solid platform with side faces made of horizontal & vertical metal pipes that are welded together. It is also provided with a small gate for easy picking of desired tool while working. This box is most commonly utilized by electrical engineers or plumbers for keeping all their tools in one place. It is known to have large amount of space with sturdy structure and metallic paint coating over its entire structure.
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  2. Hanging Storage Cage

    Hanging Storage Cage is constructed using steel alloy to assure long lasting life and robust structure. It is most commonly used for keeping tools and equipments while working at heights by electricians. This cage is comprised of four robust hooks at the top of edges for safe & reliable hanging. It is also provided with legs having adjustable height up to a specific length. This cage is highly appreciated for having high corrosion resistance and durable nature.
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  3. Logistics Vehicles

    Logistics Vehicles find their application in industrial plants and warehouses for moving goods and raw materials. They are made using high grade alloy metal and have two platforms & a door for loading items easily. These vehicles are also provided with four caster wheels assuring their smooth movement. To ensure their corrosion proof nature, they are provided with powder coated surface treatment.
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  4. Long Storage Cage

    Long Storage Cage is designed having a cuboidal structure with open top and strong legs. It is used in industries, warehouses, shopping malls, and convenience stores for keeping various materials. Made from steel alloy, this storage cage is known for its strong structure, rust proof nature, and large space. It is also provided with handles for easy lifting and movement.
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  5. Simple type Warehouse Cage

    Simple type Warehouse Cage is used for storing different types of goods including garments, food items, and hardware in large amounts. It is made using stainless steel alloy to provide it great strength and long lasting life. This cage is also coated with silver colored shiny paint resulting in its corrosion resistance. It has four sturdy legs that have the ability to bear high amount of load.
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  6. Warehouse Cage

    Warehouse Cage is used for holding goods boxes for storage purpose and also to make stacks of materials required to be sent for order. It is constructed using cold-rolled steel wires by welding them in such a way to get a cage like appearance. To assure the ability to bear high amount of weight, it is also provided with strong stacking feet. This cage is also equipped with a drop gate which is located on longer side ensuring easy and safe removal of materials.
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