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  1. Electric Tow Truck

    Electric Tow truck is a battery operated vehicles which is required for towing materials of up to 10 tons. It finds application for airports, inter-plant transportation, factories, railways, and processing plants. This truck appears as a min car having proper space for driver with steering based controlling system. It is provided with elastomeric rubber tires, battery discharge indication system with alarm option, reverse buzzer, and side indicators.
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  2. Advanced Tow Truck

    Advanced Tow Truck is specially designed having an electric car-like structure with a platform for the driver to stand. It is provided with a strong hinge like hook at its back which is required for tying the assembly or material to be towed with the help of a rope or chain. This truck is equipped with handle based controlling system and an LED bulb with alarm.
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  3. Tow Truck

    Tow Truck works on battery driven electric motor with loaded travel speed of up to 4.5 kilometers per hour. It is required for towing manually operated material handling equipments and other materials over short distances. This tow truck is simple to operate and has long lasting operational life. It is equipped with hinge-like towing hook, handle-like navigating assembly, and a large platform for the driver to stand comfortably.
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